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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to and encompass all services provided directly or indirectly by Next 30 Pty Ltd (ACN 158 079 844) trading as Ticket Bounty (hereinafter sometimes called and referred to as "Ticket Bounty" ) and/or through its associated and/or affiliated agents and/or distributors and provided either online, through any mobile device, by email or by telephone assisted device.

Any access to the (hereinafter sometimes called and referred to as the "Site") by any means whatsoever and/or the use of any application of the site through whatever platform, including accessing the site and/or making a booking thereon constitutes an acknowledgement of the terms and conditions herein including the privacy information and privacy statement.

All material and content herein including all services provided through the site are the property of Ticket Bounty and are for the personal use of the subscriber and are subject to the criteria set out hereunder and cannot be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

1. Age

The subscriber shall be of the recommended age in terms of the ratings prescribed for the featured movie subscribed to.

2. Payment

The subscriber shall make payment at the time of making a booking of the nominated sum by way of a nominated credit card and shall be subject to the prevailing charges and fees relevant to the nominated credit card in addition to the booking fee. All fees and charges imposed at the time of making a booking are subject to the approval of the nominated credit card issuer and any refusal and/or rejection of any nominated credit card by any such issuer shall be the responsibility and liability of the subscriber and Ticket Bounty shall assume no liability whatsoever.

3. Bookings and seating

The allocation of seats for subscribers is at the discretion of Ticket Bounty and the subscriber shall accept the seat/s allocated to the subscriber/s at the time of making and confirming the booking, and shall have no recourse to changing the allocated seat/s at any time whatsoever.

4. Changes to bookings

In the event a subscriber shall require to change a confirmed booking at any time, such subscriber shall contact Ticket Bounty by email at Ticket Bounty shall endeavour to assist the subscriber to achieve the best result possible, but shall however bear no responsibility and/or liability for same.

Subscribers shall note that:

a: certain bookings cannot be cancelled and/or changed and the discretion for same remains solely with the service provider ;

b: certain providers may impose a charge for cancellations and/or changes which information shall be displayed on the relevant cinema page, and subscribers shall familiarise themselves with the relevant terms and conditions including charges prior to making a booking.

c: Ticket Bounty shall impose an administration charge for all changes for bookings and permitted cancellations. This charge shall be in addition to any charges imposed by the relevant service provider. Click here to view the administration charges imposed by Ticket Bounty.

d: Subscribers who fail to cancel a booking prior to the session time in the event they cannot attend the movie, shall not be eligible to a refund.

Click here to view our refund policy.

5. Credit/Debit/Charge Card details

Ticket Bounty does not provide details of the subscribers ‘credit/charge card details to any provider and as such subscribers may be required to provide details of their relevant booking charge/credit card at the premises to validate identity. The subscriber shall be over the age of eighteen and photo identification may be required to permit entry. In the event of a dispute, the service provider may provide details of a subscriber’s charge/credit card for the purpose of verification of identity

6. Site information

Ticket Bounty shall endeavour to ensure that all information displayed on its website is accurate and up to date. However, as certain information is obtained from third parties, Ticket Bounty cannot ensure that errors and/or omissions may occur, which Ticket Bounty shall ensure to correct and update as soon as possible. Ticket Bounty retains the right to update information on the site at any time, at its election.

7. Links & Advertisements

Ticket Bounty may from time to time make available on the Site links to third party websites and/or advertisements not under the control of Ticket Bounty, and Ticket Bounty shall bear no responsibility and/or liability whatsoever for the content and/or location of the websites and/or advertisements and the utilisation of the said third party websites and/or advertisements by a subscriber is at the risk of the subscriber.

8. Liability

Save and except exclusion by Statute :

a. Ticket Bounty shall not be liable for any loss, damage, liability, claim or expense incurred (howsoever caused, including by negligence, and whether direct, indirect or consequential) arising from the use directly and/or connected to the Site or any products or services purchased and/or obtained from the site or from a third party service associated with the site, and ;

b. Ticket Bounty gives no warranty or representation as to the fitness or suitability of any product or service displayed on the Site or any third party link associated with the site. I any event, in the event liability cannot be excluded, liability shall be limited to :

i. to resupply the service or to reimburse the cost thereof ; or,

ii. to the value of the booking made

We sell movie tickets from inventory supplied by each supplier and we do not over-sell that inventory. We cannot accept additional liability for unavailability caused by a supplier provider over-selling its own inventory.

9. Fairness

Ticket Bounty shall ensure and endeavour to resolve any and all issues or complaints without undue delay and equitably. All correspondence should be directed to

10. General

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. All information on personal information should be obtained from the privacy policy statement.

11.Refund Policy

It’s our goal at Ticket Bounty to make your purchasing experience as simple and easy as possible so you can enjoy your movie experience. For tickets purchased through (the "Site") this Purchase Policy is subject to, and incorporates by this reference, the Terms of Use.

a. Canceled movie session: Under the rare circumstance that a provider cancels a movie session, Ticket Bounty will endeavour to notify the subscriber of the cancellation, and will refund the full transaction value to the Credit/Debit/Charge Card provided at purchase within 10 working days of cancelation.

b. Permitted Refunds: Ticket Bounty shall refund full transaction value less associated charges, outlined in Changes to bookings, to the Credit/Debit/Charge Card provided at purchase within 10 working days of cancelation

12.Administration Charges

In the event that changes are made to a booking at the request of the subscriber, outlined in Changes to bookings, Ticket Bounty reserves the right to charge $3 per ticket from the Credit/Debit/Charge Card provided at purchase or deduct this charge from refunds.

13. Shipping Policy

Tickets for purchased offers are to be delivered to the subscriber via their nominated email account and it is responsibility of the subscriber to present it to the provider to access the movie session. Tickets can be retrieved through “My Tickets” section of the site, if a subscriber has signed up or contact

14.Security Policy

When purchasing from Ticket Bounty your financial details are process by our payment gateway service provider, NAB Transact. Payment and personal details are sent to NAB Transact using GlobalSign SSL technology. No credit card details are stored on our servers. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our customer support centre

15.Communication of special offers

Ticket Bounty may from time to time, inform existing customers of special offers via the provided email address that are unique to existing customers.

16.Terms of use for ticket bounty vouchers

  • Acts as a credit of $5 with a transaction of your choice.
  • Can only be used while signed in to Ticket Bounty under the nominated username (Email address).
  • Strictly one voucher per person.
  • Valid until 13th September 2014.
  • Valid with any Ticketbounty offer.
  • Not redeemable on any other outlet / website.
  • Not transferable or refundable or exchangeable for actual money.

17.$5 Voucher Promotion – 26TH July 2014

  1. Voucher codes 5OZ and 5Majestic are only valid for purchases made on the 26th July 2014 or until the promotion has ended.
  2. Voucher use entitles users to $5 is credited to the total purchase value, not per ticket.
  3. Fair use policy applies, including one voucher redemption per person.
  4. Ticket bounty reserves the right to exclude voucher use from persons we deem to be abusing fair use.