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What is Ticket Bounty?

We are Australia’s first and only movie ticket deal website. We work tirelessly to get the best deals every week with cinemas all around the country. We launched in February 2014 and are expanding our partner cinemas all the time.

How do you get such great deals?

Did you know that on average only 80% of cinema seats are used in every session? We created Ticket Bounty partner with cinemas to create great movie ticket deals.

Why are all the prices different?

At ticket bounty, we believe in delivering value through great prices and every movie, day and time has a different value. You wouldn’t expect to pay the same on opening night than in the sixth week and so we’ve made our prices reflect that expectation.

Why is there only a limited number of seats?

Some sessions are going to be more popular than others, so when we work with cinemas every week on new deals we limit the number of seats on the most popular sessions.

I want a deal, which one do I pick?

Each offer is session specific, which means it is for that cinema, for that movie on that day and time only. Purchased tickets can only be redeemed for that session as agreed with our partner cinemas.

Why is my favourite cinema not on here?

Good question! We are talking to all cinemas in Australia about bringing them on board, however, to ensure you have the best possible experience, we are only on boarding a limited number of cinemas every month. Let us know if you think that your cinema should be next.

Do I need to sign up to anything to buy a ticket?

Absolutely not! We wanted to make sure Ticket Bounty was open for everyone to use without feeling like you’re going to get bombarded with emails and texts. If you want receive the occasional email with our great new content and amazing deals you can sign up if you so wish.

What happens after I purchase a ticket?

We send you a ticket and confirmation. You need to print out your ticket and bring it into the cinema. Most of our partners we use a voucher system, which means when you bring in the ticket to the cinema, they will redeem it for a ticket. It’s simple!

What happens if you don’t print your ticket?

You must print your ticket and bring it with you to the cinema; each one has unique identifiers that cinemas use to check its validity. But if you don’t just get in touch with us at and we will work it out.

Do you just do movie tickets?

We only work with cinemas and are developing many more special deals for you, like on food, beverages and other stuff. Keep a look out for them!